What our musicians say...

...Man, I DIG playing Music Cafe, majorly. Thanks...You all do such a great job.

I had a wonderful time performing at the Music Cafe.

I had the most fun I've ever had playing music- EVER - ...at The Music Cafe-- and that's saying a lot, because I've been performing live since dinosaurs roamed the Earth (well, maybe not dinosaurs; how about woolly mammoths?)! What an incredible experience!... I have never been able to hear myself so well when I was playing as I did the other night. The audience was genuinely enthusiastic and appreciative. Most important of all, the Music Cafe staff was wonderful.

...it IS a unique experience! As a performer, you feel as if you're playing in a first class concert hall; it's INCREDIBLE!

Everyone at your organization treated us so well. We will remember that evening for a long time.

...the sound system was great, the audience was great and, as always, the support staff was exceptional.

I felt like it was a million dollar gig based on the fun I had...

...the Music Cafe is one of, if not the best, gig I have all year...

We really enjoyed played there at the Music Cafe - thanks to you all for being so wonderful to be with and for listening...

You folks have a really neat thing going on down there...

I loved playing at The Music Cafe. It was one of the most receptive and appreciative audiences I've ever performed for and the staff was incredibly courteous and professional. And the sound was perfect. Thanks so much for everything. I am telling my musician friends to check it out both as a listener and as a performer.

You have a class operation and a wonderful audience. We'll always be happy to return.

I'd pay to play there.

Wow. What a great experience... I don't think I've ever seen a more receptive audience...I have nothing but adulations for the crew that assisted us Tuesday night. In fact, the entire process went smoothly, start to finish. In the four or so years that I've been performing, at every conceivable venue, I've never had such a pleasurable experience. Obvoiusly, I hope the Music Cafe thrives, for many years to come!

I LOVED the sound and stage at the venue. One of the best I've played.

...the sound system outstanding and the people at the music cafe - well, that's the thing - what a wonderful, centered and focused group of folks moving forward in unison to bring great music to the ... area... and it was so successful - thanks much for the opportunity to be there, meet so many great people and see some wonderful talent... so glad to be part of it, so glad to be there and share it....

It's always a pleasure to be involved with the Music Cafe.

...wanted to say how much fun...(we) had playing yesterday at your wonderful cafe!!! If we could, we'd play there every month! We love your professional sound and stage staff. Those guys are awesome and we really appreciate their service to the Fitton Center. We look forward to performing at the Fitton Center Music Cafe again!

I just wanted to extend my thanks for allowing me the privilege of performing at The Music Cafe on ... I had a blast - the volunteers are a joy to work with and the audience friendly, attentive and supportive. I stayed throughout all of the performances and thoroughly enjoyed myself.