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  acoustic/pop/folk Folk
  Eclectic Mix
  Contemporary Christian Acoustic indie
52seven kind of like a rocked out Coldplay/U2
A Little R&R  folk
Aaron acoustic alternative
Abraham Kuranga
Acoustic Music by Monte, LLC Acoustic Pop
Alex Poteet 
Allen Dillingham-Solo Sax Christian - Gospel Jazz-Contemperary-Traditional
Andyman Hopkins folk/country/americana
Anna and Milovan acoustic pop, folk, blues
Art Carran mostly Celtic and original
Attack Of The Songbirds  rock/screamo/rock-pop/rock covers
avorharp  Blues in Russian and English
Bear Branch Bluegrass n/a bluegrass and country
Beau Alquizola pop/rock
Beauty From Ashes Covers - blues/rock/country
Ben Lapps instrumental - acoustic guitar
Berachah Valley Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel
Better Together eclectic
Beverly Sulfsted and the Willow Creek Band Americana/Bluegrass/Classic Country
Beverly Sulfsted and Willow Creek Americana
Billy Fights 
Bob Kotz
Bob Kotz  original and cover folk/indie
Branden Meade Acoustic/Americana
Brandon J. Begley Classical/Hymns/Anthems
Brent Heckerman
Brent White bues/pop/R&B/folk
Bromwell-Diehl Band
Bruce Beverly  Country music, Bluegrass Covers
Bruce Rich  Pop / Jazz
Bruce Rich  original pop/jazz instrumental/vocal
Bruce Rich  Pop/ Jazz
Bullets Edge (VORD)  Rock, Metal, Alt-Rock
By Means of Words Progressive Acoustic
Calamity Rain  guitar, banjo and sweet harmonies
Calamity Rain old time
Carey hunley Country
Chain Of Grace Contemparary Christian
Chloe Hall  R&b, pop
Chris Dunnett flamenco / classical
Chris Weiss Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Chuck Wiggins Eclectic - rock/folk/jazz/world
Cincinnati Folksinger Folk
Circle of Rhiannon Tribal Drum & Bellydance Troupe World, Arabic Rhythms
Clint Woodall  original country
Cody Hays Acoustic,
Cody Hays  acoustic
Common Mood  rock
Conundrum country-inspired rock, or rock-inspired country
Corncobs  Oldtime/Bluegrass
Dale Davis  modern acoustic
DAN Acoustic Originals, Pop, & Jazz Standards
Dan Walz soft rock /originals/Easy
Dan Walz song writer
Daniel Ryan Singer-Songwriter
Darren Gnitke  New Age,Adult Contemporary solo piano.
Dawn Cooksey (and 68 South) original folk rock
Dennise Nichole Dittman Classical/Christian/Country
Diamond Blue Folk/Country/Light Rock
Didymus  folk
Dividing the Plunder Folk
Doc Didymus Eclectic Folk
Doc Didymus pre-millennial Acoustic pop,folk, and blues
Donna Frost folk
Dr Elliott's Music Show Folk/Pop - original w/ some covers
Dr. Debbi Silverman  popular
Electric Eden  light rock/pop
Elk Creek Alt Folk Rock
Ellie Fabe folk, acoustic, singer/songwriter
Emily Farley Folk/Pop
Eri Cloy fingerstyle guitarist
Eric O. Shipman Gospel
Eric Sommer roots/american/rocker
Erin Elizabeth 
Faith Passage Contemporary Christian
Faith Passage Acoustical Christian
First Train Home  Indie
FRESH SPIRIT N/A Secular/Patriotic/Religious
Full Moon Ranch folk/americana
Gina Brown  Vocalist
Greg Mahan
Greg Mahan singer-songwriter
Gregory B. Albright American Celtic/folk
Guitar Club 
Heathen's Halo Facebook Heathen's Halo Americana, Newgrass
Hello Roger Wilco Indie, Ambient, Folk
Hickory Robot americana/bluegrass
Hunt Sidway rock (acoustic non-comm pop-rock)
IAM IN HAM  Christian
Immersion Praise Band Praise Music
Jack Du Mez Folk
Jack Nuttall indie/folk/jazz
Jake Speed original folk
Jammin' John N/A ambient music
Janie Rae Band Acoustic Adult Contemporary
Jeffee Kiser  acoustic fingerstyle
Jeremy Francis N/A Rock
Jeremy Francis Americana
Jericho Old Time Band Old-time music
Jerome Scott Celtic fingerstyle guitar
Jerry Gillespie light rock, originals and classic
Jesse and Josh Acoustic
Jesse and Josh Acoustic New Rock
Jesse Grandin
jessica weiser Rock
Jim Clark  folk/folk rock
Jim's Red Pants/ Rick and Hillary Wagner original and world folk, acoustic instrumental/vocal
Joby  N A Classic Folk/Rock
John Belanger
John Jeffries  All Genre
Josephine Allen N/A Traditional Gospel
Josh allen  bluegrass
Joy Davis inspirational, contemporary Christian
Joy Davis inspirational
Joy@play Acoustic Folk/Piano Ballads/Blues
Keith Jones Native American Flute
Keith May  Original Pop
Kelsey Skaggs Fok/Christian/Acoustic
Kentucky 31 Originals, BLuegrass, Country, Classic, Folk
Kevin and Barb Americana-Country-Folk-Rock-Zydeco
Kevin Loving pop country roots americana
Kevin Ross Folk
Kevin Ross Folk Rock
Kevin Stokley Singer-Songwriter/Country
Lauren Craig 
Leo Bradley  baseball through song
Live Past Life Christian, folk-rock
Liz Bowater
Location Greene fusion, funk, progressive rock
M.R.Smith indie/folk-rock
Madison Steel Band 
Marginal Cinderellas indie folk rock pop
Mark Becknell Singer Songwriter, Folk, Americana
Mark Binas and The Essentials Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
Mark Cormican Folk
Mark Weierman Rock
Marty & Larry  Acoustic covers
Marvin Knobloch Gospel
Matt Haupt rock
Matt/Jenny Frechtling N/A three part harmonies
Messerly and Ewing Other
Mich folk
Michelle N/A Folk
Mike Connolly Folk/indie
mikey mooreon electroacoustic/indie
Minstrel Woode Celtic and "Celtic-Influenced" original and traditional folk music as well as a variety of contemporary story-songs & ballads.
Misunderstood rock
Moonlight Graham Original acoustic Rock
Munchlaxx Rock/ Indie
Myron Gabbard  country
naima N/A Gospel
Naima urban gospel
Nathan Jenkins  Outlaw Country Acoustic
Ned Massey Folk
No Outlet Rock
Nobody, et al. Rock
Norman Liles N/A Rock
Olivia Frances Pop
Options  Glitch/Experimental/Math Rock
Options Experimental
Orlando Luckey Folk/Pop
pale beneath the blue singer/songwriter without the folk
Papa Joe Folk
Pat & Dinah n/a Americana
Patrick Stoutenborough  acoustic pop rock
Patrick Stoutenborough Acoustic/Pop/Rock
Peggy Welty - Guitar Goddess easy listening / acoustic / americana / folk pop
Pennington and Hobbs  acustic rock - bluesy
Phoenix  originals and covers
Phyliss Jeann & Co.  Standards
Prudence Hunt 
Raison d'Etre Varied
Raison D'Etre Swinging country folk
Red Beard's Revenge Newgrass
Red Eye Turtle Records Rap/Hip-hop
Rich Adkins soulful gospel, inspirational, adult contemporary,classic
Richard Cisneros  Ukulele, folk, acoustic.
Rick Nicak  Instrumental
Rick Street jazz fusion, pop
Rick Tallarigo folk/folk-rock/avante garde
Ricky Griffin  Folk/Pop
Rising Faith Traditional - Contemporary Christian Gospel
RoadTrip Trio Classic rock
Robyn Milligan Folk
Rooster Forbes acoustic roots blues
ROSEWOOD classic acoustic rock, originals in that vein
Rosewood (The Original Group)  classic rock acoustic
Roving Bachelors Irish Traditional
Roy Bushman Acoukstic Rock/Fol
Runnin' On Empty 
Rusty Mudd Irish/Scot jigs, hornpipes, slow aires, and ballads.
Sara Mayhew country/pop/rock
Scott Bravo New Age/Nu-Jazz
Shakan  contemporary Christian
Shannon Parker  Americana/Alt Country/Folk
Sheila Gardner Country /Pop Christian
SHIFTED FATE A mix of everything. Rock, Country, Pop
Slingshot Eddie  Contemporary Christian / Oldies (50's-80's)
Slingshot Eddie  Christian Contemporary / Classic Rock
staring at the sea Other
Stephanie Maples and Dix-Z-Highway  Pop, Rock, and Country
Stephanie Spanja Energetic folk
Stephen Brock N/A Folk
Stephen Brock  Acoustic, Folk, Originals
Stephen James  Singer/songwriter
Steve Adkisson N/A Folk
Strained Relations folk
Sunflower Native flute
Susan Pepper Appalachian Folk
Swingfoot facebook:Swingfoot Blues, jazz, soul, roots country
T and T Blues Project Acoustic Blues
Terry Petersen acoustic guitar
Tessa Chandler Singer
the Back Porch Hounds Roots
The Captain's Daughter 
The Day Fish Band Light rock and folk
The Dentures Other
The Fellowship of the Singing Woodsman acoustic/folk/experimental
The Jazz People Jazz
The Kevin Prater Band Traditional Bluegrass & Gospel
The Obvious  Rock, Alternative
The Singing Milkmaids 
The Traveling Balladeers classic folk to comtemporary
The Working Hour Pop Indie Rock
Thunderbay Trio classic rock
Tim Kelly  Contemporay folk
Timid Blue indie/folk/pop
Timothy Combs Singer/Songwiter
Tom Martin Singer-Songwriter
Tom Smith fingerstyle guitar/banjo
Torben Asp Instrumental/Ambient/Progressive
Tracy Ann  folk
Travelin' Shoes  Gospel Blues
Travis Talbert Folk/Americana
Trentin Manning new age
Tru Sense None at this time. Classic and New Light Rock
Tubular Country
Tyler Muchmore eccectic acoustic
Vic Daniel's Quartet light rock/folk
Victoria Parks Folk
Wendy and Terry  Country, bluegrass folk ect
Wheel of Sky Original and Traditional Folk, Celtic, and Bluegrass
Will Play for Money  Rock
WolfCryer americana, singer/songwriter
You Were Prepared Punk
Zhengang Xie and Hu Mei  traditional Chinese music

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