<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Music Cafe Menu</TITLE> </HEAD> <style type="text/css"> <!-- body {background-image:url(graphics/mcbkgd.gif) ; background-attachment:fixed; background-repeat: no-repeat;} --> </style> <CENTER><H1> Tuesday, June 26, 2018 </H1><H2>At the Miami University Downtown Hamilton </h2><HR SIZE=4 WIDTH=50% NOSHADE ALIGN=CENTER> <Table BORDER=10 CELLPADDING=1 cellspacing=1 align=center > <TR><TH width=25%>Time</TH><TH width=35%>Performer</TH><Th>Music</Th></TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=CENTER ROWSPAN=2 > 7:00 PM </TD> <!-- Column1--> <TD ALIGN=CENTER><B><font color=#8000FF> *Bob Kotz </font></B></TD> <!-- Column2--> <TD><CENTER> &nbsp </CENTER></TD> <!-- Column3--> </TR><TR><TD colspan=2 align=CENTER><B><I> original and cover folk/indie </I></B></TD></TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=CENTER ROWSPAN=2 > 7:40 PM </TD> <!-- Column2--> <TD ALIGN=CENTER><B><font color=#8000FF> *Acoustic Music by Monte, LLC </font></B></TD> <!-- Column2--> <TD><CENTER> &nbsp </CENTER></TD> <!-- Column3--> </TR><TR><TD colspan=2 align=CENTER><B><I> Acoustic Pop </I></B></TD></TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=CENTER ROWSPAN=2 > 8:20 PM </TD> <!-- Column3--> <TD ALIGN=CENTER><B><font color=#8000FF> *Tom Martin </font></B></TD> <!-- Column2--> <TD><CENTER> &nbsp </CENTER></TD> <!-- Column3--> </TR><TR><TD colspan=2 align=CENTER><B><I> acoustic guitars, finger style guitar playing </I></B></TD></TR> </TABLE> <B>* Returning to the Music Cafe Stage</B> <HR SIZE=4 WIDTH=50% NOSHADE ALIGN=CENTER> </CENTER> <center> <BR>Schedule subject to change and may not reflect the current schedule. Times are approximate and may vary due to number of sets and other factors.<BR> <P><B>Performers</B>: <A HREF="performers/login.htm">Email </A> us your PR pics and we'll include them on the menu.<P> </center> <CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH=50% ALIGN=CENTER> <A HREF="menu.htm">Menu</A> <A HREF="info.htm">Information</A> <A HREF="signup.htm">Sign-up</A> <A HREF="support.htm">Support</A> <A HREF="links.htm">Links</A> <A HREF="musicnet.htm">Music Network</A> <A HREF="previous.htm">Previous Show</A> <A HREF="home.htm">Home</A> <P> <FONT SIZE=-2>Copyright 2017 by Music Cafe</FONT> </CENTER> <!--#easybanner4--></BODY></HTML>