From the Hamilton Journal-News,
Sunday, February 5, 2006

Great music at the Fitton Center

Iíve lived in the city of Hamilton almost two years and just recently took the opportunity to listen to some great music at the Music Cafe at the Fitton Center Wow, I didnít realize what I was missing!

For those of you who donít know, the Music Cafe is a gathering of musicians from around the city and surrounding Tri-State area on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Fitton Center The set up reminds me of the coffee house days in college (the only thing missing was the big throw pillows in front of the stage).

The Music Cafe features all types of music. The performers I listened to included folk music, oldies rock and roll, original music and three great high school kids jamming away on bluesy rock and roll. How eclectic can you get?

It never ceases to amaze me how people get wrapped up in the likes of American Idol (glorified karaoke if you ask me) when there is great live and local music to enjoy. The admission price was right (free) and the performances were priceless. My only regret is that it is only on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

According to their Web site ( they are booked up with performers three or four months in advance! This tells me we need more than one night a month of Music Cafe in the great City of Arts, Music and Sculpture that is Hamilton. Iíll see you at the next Music Cafe on Feb. 28.

Marty Ankenbauer