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The Music Cafe is starting its very own MySpace space. Why? We just had too much free time on our hands and decided that another web entity was just what we needed. It is a music site so we can post music. Let me know if you would like to include some of your music on our site. Stop by the site and become our MySpace friend.

Enthusiasm at the Music Cafe
by Antoinette Webster

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We are very gratified by the number of requests to perform at the Music Cafe. Please be patient with us. We are usually booked three to four months ahead. Our all-volunteer staff sometimes has difficulty responding to all the requests and organizing future shows. If you are a performer requesting to perform, there may be a substantial delay before we respond. If you would like to verify that your request has been received, you can send an email for verification (even if you didn't sign up on the web site). Please allow 5-7 days for a response. Did I mention that we are all-volunteer. Not unlike volunteer fireman, except that we're not fireman. And, of course we don't fight fires, At least not in the literal meaning of the words. And volunteer fireman must respond quickly, but we don't. So any comparison of us to volunteer firemen is a poor one. Except that we volunteer. So please, cut us some slack. We're only wanabe volunteer fireman, but because we respond too slowly, volunteer at the Music Cafe instead.

Thanks from the all-volunteer staff

Other information previously on this page has been moved to our Notable page.

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